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This first New Moon of the year offers the opportunity of new beginnings. An opportunity to shed the old ways of looking at things that no longer serve to light up the world, to make life more easeful, to bring more love into my interactions. I've been working with the idea of honoring my ancestral roots while letting go of the generational patterns of self sabotage, lack of belief in possibility and unawareness of our inherent worthiness. Moonstone is the inviter of new beginnings, so I like to have it around for the New Moon to remind myself mentally and energetically to allow the newness to come in.

To help me through this shift, I'm using doTERRA's One blend when I'm out and about. The energetic influences of Ylang Ylang for my inner child, Frankincense to connect with truth, Vetiver to dig deeper into self-awareness, Douglas Fir for honoring ancestry, Cardamom for objectivity and Melissa to bring in the light are very therapeutic for this kind of emotional and thought pattern unpacking. I love that I can just grab my roller and revisit what I'm redesigning in my perspective. While I'm at home I like to diffuse Siberian Fir, Douglas Fir, Cardamom and Wild Orange to further reinforce my release of the negative ideas around my family history and bringing in the abundance and joy that are our birthright in these bodies.

I carry Cardamom and Siberian Fir with me when I'm out as well. I've found Cardamom so helpful for some of the intense anger that comes up when you confront old stories. My ego gets super pissed when I start unpacking some of the excuses I've used to get in my own way! Anger has always been my preferred negative emotion, it was far more acceptable than showing sadness in my childhood home. I used to judge my anger, but I find using Cardamom to give it some space by breathing it in with a few belly breaths allows the fire to calm. 

Siberian Fir, like White Fir, addresses generational patterns. I had some of those to address when I first joined doTERRA, alcoholism to escape feelings being a big one. Funny thing is I keep finding more things I'd like to leave behind because they just don't serve being my best self. Siberian Fir has become my favorite tool.

My nose and intuition led me to White Fir in my doTERRA enrollment order. I had no idea when I received my first doTERRA order that White Fir would help me transform the way I experience life. But it did, and Siberian Fir is even more supportive for me. I used White Fir on my shoulders for all of the tension I was experiencing last May. That first doTERRA box showed up and shortly after, so did I--for the first time since childhood in so many ways. It turns out I was storing a ton of old emotional pain in my shoulders. White Fir helped me release enough of that stagnant emotional tension to believe it was possible for me to leave alcohol and cigarettes behind. I had been taking LLV for about two weeks was feeling better than I had in years. So, on the New Moon in June I decided to give sobriety a try. I had no idea what I was doing, but I designed a ritual with oils that anointed my written intentions and I made an agreement with myself that I would try taking good care of me in a genuine way. I've slowly built up more intention and care for myself and those around me ever since, and it continues.

The thing about being intentional about caring for myself is it just continues to compound on itself. I find more and more layers and more and more opportunity to expand and challenge myself. As the smaller rituals I've built get more automatic and easier, I find the inner work I have to do takes more courage. But I find I'm up to the task because I did it small steps. I now find that the old tension in my shoulders is coming back as I continue to commit to my creative dreams. I've been in this place before, but not with the same inexperience. This time around I at least know what tools to use to support me as I unpack.

I hope this first New Moon of the astrological year brings you beautiful new beginnings and the opportunity to find new ways to expand. Give yourself plenty of love, you and the planet deserve it!

So Much Love,


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