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Self-Love Rose Quartz Facial Steam


Today I felt inspired to do a little mid-afternoon self-care while I caught up on some business related mindset training that I’ve invested my time in lately. I have found myself in resistance to concepts essential to running your own business for instance: numbers, metrics, taxes, balance sheets, finances, budgeting. Just to name a FEW of the sorts of trigger words that used to and still sometimes send me into anxiety and doubt. I’m taking all of these on using coping strategies that have kept me inspired and sober since the New Moon last June. Emotional Freedom Technique, meditation, re-framing my stories and turning to my oils for support, along with seeking out training and learning opportunities.

So, in effort to make my business training more soothing, I’m integrating some home spa into my day.

Before we get into my instructions, I’d like to address safety. Do this facial steam at your own risk and take responsibility for your safety. Choose essential oils that are pure and reliable. I always use doTERRA, and a very select group of other brands, because I trust them. When dealing with steam, it’s HOT so be mindful. Don’t put your face too close to the water. I recommend letting the water come off the boil for at least 5 minutes before you pour it into a heat safe bowl. This is especially important if you’re using gem stones in your steam, you can damage them with extremely hot water. Research your stones, some are not compatible with water or heat (Selenite and other gypsums come to mind). I used Rose Quartz because I was focusing on loving myself while building my skills beyond perceived limitations. Quartz is generally a good choice for this sort of thing. I also recommend using smaller stones, so if you do end up cracking them it’s not a tragedy to your collection.


You will need:

Your stones of choice, I used Rose Quartz.

Dried flowers if you have them, but they’re optional.

Filtered water that you will heat to a boil.

A HEAT SAFE bowl. I used Pyrex.

Essential oils. I used Geranium, Pink Peppercorn and Basil.

A clean towel.

Enough space to drape your towel and lean over the bowl, clear your space of obstructions first so you can relax during your steam.

Wash your face with a gentle cleanser but do not exfoliate, sometimes steams can create irritation if you’re freshly exfoliated.

Start your water to boil, you won’t need more than two cups but you might as well make tea since you’re heating the water. I made myself some Jasmine Green tea.

Collect your essential oils and dried flowers.


I used Geranium, the oil of Love and Trust. Springtime is a great time to bring love to your Liver, so I included Basil for it’s detoxification properties. Pink Peppercorn is included because I just love the scent, and it really opened my pores and airways. Use something more gentle if you’re sensitive. Trust your intuition and listen to your body.

I had some dried Jasmine, so I put it in to honor the feminine energy of the Moon—it’s been a major source of support for me so I like to bring it into my intention often.

You could also use Rose Petals, Chamomile or Lavender.

(You might also consider setting yourself up for a clay mask after steaming, I’m using a Kaolin mask as I type this and I can feel it doing it’s magic. You’ll also want to moisturize after steaming, I like using Rose Hip Seed oil with a little doTERRA Immortelle anti-aging blend. This time I followed up with Rose and Jasmine as well for extra Love + Lunar magic.)

Once your water has cooled off of the boil enough to be safer to work with, place your gemstones in your bowl and then pour the water over them until the bowl is about 1/3 to 1/2 full. Add your dried flowers or herbs, and one drop of each oil.

Place your towel over your head and shoulders, creating a tent above the bowl to trap the steam. Raise and lower the towel to vent if it’s too intense for you. Keep your face far enough away from the bowl so you don’t burn yourself. I like to steam for about 5 minutes, then remove the towel and then go back to steaming repeating the cycle three times. I enjoyed looking into the bowl enjoying the flowers and crystals. It’s a nice time to mentally review your favorite affirmation. I set my intention with “I love myself and my ability to master numbers. I am getting better and better at facing my challenges. My feminine power guides me while I build these skills.” But really you can just zone out and steam, it’s so relaxing.

When you’re finished, just let your water cool and then dispose of it in your houseplants or garden. You could also add it to your evening bath for a crystal and herbal infusion, that’s what I’m going to do! Just don’t throw your crystal babies out with the bath water, and I strained out my flowers too because we have old plumbing.

Happy Steaming!  



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