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V E R N A L <-))o((-> E Q U I N O X

V E R N A L <-))•((-> E Q U I N O X


As the Astrological year turns over and we enter Aries, the Equinox highlights how duality is present and intertwined in our lives. Day and Night. Conscious and Subconscious. Good and Bad.

So often we create judgements about our lives and experiences using duality as tool for separation rather than integration and acceptance. I am using the following oils during this astrological portal to bring more integration into my perspective.

Balance and Peace. When my subconscious mind is at Peace, I find Balance in my life.

Roman Chamomile and Blue Tansy.

When I connect to my Spiritual Purpose, I receive the path to Inspired Action.

Magnolia and Jasmine.

The Oil of Compassion and the Oil of the Moon. When I have the courage to practice compassion, I have the courage to explore my subconscious limitations.

Pink Pepper and Black Pepper.

As I Unmask my judgements and bring love to them I can see the Intrinsic Equality of all people.

Frankincense and Copaiba.

The Oil of Truth and the Oil of Unveiling. The Unveiling of Truth is the result of exploring where my beliefs and judgements originate and examining their validity.

Melissa and Juniper Berry.

The Oil of Light and the Oil of Night. Brightening and releasing fear of all things perceived as dark.

To support myself moving through this change of season, I am using the above oils in a series of intentional baths and making myself three roller blends. I will use them for the rest of this lunar cycle and into the next one, if I feel it is necessary. I chose the oils for my assemblage photo intuitively, after meditating on Balance. I grabbed them without questioning why once the name of the oil came into my mind. Try this sometime if you’re wanting to create a new blend, see what comes to you. After arranging them and photographing, I began opening the bottles and smelling them together. The following combinations made sense to me, given their aromatherapeutic quality together and their spiritual and physical benefits. If one of the oils in the set does not resonate with you, use an oil that does. There isn’t really a way to mess it up as long as you don’t over do the number of drops (I try to keep it under 10 drops because that’s what my body likes) and you apply them to the salts rather than dropping them in the water.

For transitioning from longer nights, the following oils in combination helps bring me through the veil:

Honor the Night Bath.

2 drops Pink Pepper

2 drops Juniper Berry

1 drop Blue Tansy

2 drops Frankincense

2 drops Copaiba

Honor the Night 5ml Blend.

3 drops Pink Pepper

3 drops Juniper Berry

2 drops Blue Tansy

3 drops Frankincense

3 drops Copaiba

Top with carrier oil, I like Fractionated Coconut Oil.

As stated above for baths, all are dropped onto Epsom Salts before going into the bath water, reduce the number of drops of Pink Pepper and Juniper Berry if you have sensitive skin. Always listen to your body.

Coming into Peaceful Balance Bath:

3 drops Balance

2 drops Peace (undiluted 5ml)

Peaceful Balance 5ml Blend.

10 drops Balance

4 drops Peace (undiluted 5ml)

Top with carrier oil.

Peace tends to be a very lasting aroma, so I don’t use as much in my blends and when diffusing. If you have a Peace Touch, use more drops until the desired balance of aroma is achieved. This combination is grounding and relaxing. I absolutely love them together and had never thought to double up on these grounding blends. It’s a new obsession.

Welcome to Light Bath:

3 drops Roman Chamomile

3 drops Frankincense

1 drop Blue Tansy

1 drop Melissa

Welcome to the Light 5ml Blend:

6 drops Roman Chamomile

6 drops Frankincense

2 drops Blue Tansy

2 drops Melissa

Top with carrier oil.

(Lemon Myrtle or Litsea can be used in place of Melissa)

This combination is like bathing in LIGHT. Perfect after an in depth Kundalini Meditation for intuition—this is precisely when I used this combination after going to Yoga Central to practice with the angel Saati Yogi. Find her on Instagram @saati.yogi

These seasonal transitions offer a beautiful opportunity to switch gears and recommit to our dreams and intentions. I immediately felt an increase of energy after the Equinox, but this may ebb and flow. When I feel an ebb in energy, I will take another Honor the Night bath to help myself restore and use my Welcome to the Light blend when I feel energy dip. If I find myself unable to tether myself to earth, I will turn to my Peaceful Balance Blend. And when blocks from the previous Astrological year reappear, I will use my Honor the Night blend and bath to investigate the subconscious and subsurface origins of them. When I need to access courage to face these root causes I will use Magnolia over my heart and Jasmine as a Lunar balm for processing and integrating these parts of myself that I had been pushing away.

I hope this Astrological Year treats you well and you are bathed in the Light in all you do—we always are, sometimes we just need to open our eyes to see it.

Honor the Body

Honor the Body

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