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Honor the Body

Honor the Body

My Mama on a Southwest roadtrip in the late 1990’s.

My Mama on a Southwest roadtrip in the late 1990’s.

H O N O R • the • B O D Y

January 12, 2019

Grapefruit is the oil of Honoring the Body.

I’ve thought about this concept a  lot over the last year and a half sober. A major part of what has shaped  my path has been really examining how I treat myself and where those  patterns and ideas about my self worth originated. I’ve spent a lot of  time healing around the loss of and relationship with my Mother.

This photo is of my Mama, when she was in her physical body. It really  captures her Light. My Mama struggled with Anorexia for her entire adult  life and much of her adolescence. She had a lot of trouble loving and  honoring her body, even in recovery.

She always told me I was beautiful.

That’s not what I heard.

I heard what she told herself. It would have broken her heart to know  it. To know that as her child, I couldn’t learn by listening to what she  said to me. That I learned how to be by how she spoke to herself. I am  so grateful to realize this now. To heal my body image. Because of my  experience with my parents and processing how I have been shaped by  them, I’ve come to believe that all parenting is self-parenting.  Children don’t learn by what we say, they learn by watching and feeling  what we do. By the vibration we offer. By how we see ourselves and love  ourselves.

And so I ask that all the parents I love out there to love themselves genuinely and unconditionally.

To demonstrate it.

To say it out loud.

Because the children of this world need to hear it come from our mouths in the first person:

I am worthy.
I honor my body.
I love myself.
I am whole.

I don’t have children this time around. I don’t know if it is on the  path for me. I respect the journey that is parenthood and those that  undertake that work. I support and uplift you in it. It is the most  important work.

And it is Self-work.

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