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Working Through Shadow


January 23, 2019

Shadow work is some of the scariest and most rewarding work we can do.

Kundalini Yoga is often a place where subconscious shadow issues are surfaced for me. I am so grateful to be shown. To be triggered. To have an opportunity to visit the experiences from a new place: The here and now.

I am ready and eager (for the first time ever) to dig deep into these surfaced traumas, blocks to the life I want to lead and background subconscious tapes. As an enhancement of our Kundalini practice, oils routine and EFT Jimmy and I are embarking on The Pathway membership with @tobemagnetic this year. Lacy Phillips and her team have a beautiful set of workshops available through the membership. Check it out! We are so excited to do this work for ourselves. To come back to wholeness.

To assist us in this work I have created two blends. One for the surfacing Shadow and one for walking in the daylight with it through Integration. Stay tuned for the post on Integration and check out my IGTV video for more on the inspiration behind navigating Eclipse energies.

11 drops Holiday Peace
7 drops Juniper Berry
6 drops Petitgrain
2 drops Spikenard
5 drops Wintergreen
2 drops Jasmine Grandiflorum

For anointing oil as sporadic topical application use 5ml rollers from Easy Oil Solutions and fill with carrier oil of choice and crystal chips. For purefume and consistent topical application use a 10ml bottle for proper dilution. Dilute further if you have sensitive skin. Women who are pregnant should research appropriate oils first before applying them topically. Get your own doTERRA Wholesale Customer account here. Shop the Collection of Crystal Infused Clutches here.



Shadow Surfacing

Shadow Surfacing