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Beautiful, functional carriers to essentially align your life.

Prosperity takes Practice.

Prosperity takes Practice.

The second most important tool in healing my emotional relationship with money is Kundalini Yoga.

I began my Practice in 2017, shortly after the oils, the idea for Go-Alignment and Spiritual Awakening came into my life. I started with a free workshop offered by @jaidev108 and the @lifeforceacademy called Bright and Beautiful. The 20ish minutes of spinal series + ego eradicator in video two became my daily routine.

Immediately I began to experience a shift in my perspective of myself, my Self and my life. The door I had opened with oils was blown open by Kundalini. I began to experience manifestations, visions and profound life altering healing.

Kundalini is meditation for those who cannot meditate, whose mind simply will not shut up and whose nervous system is frayed by life on this planet. I was a person experiencing all of those things.

When I began my morning practice, I visualized Jimmy next to me. A few months later, he was there of his own volition and we have practiced together ever since.

We use the Yoga Collection by @doterra with every practice, along with a rotation of other oils to enhance our meditations. This Practice, paired with the oils, has provided us with the emotional, physical and spiritual resilience to navigate our lives with more Presence, Compassion and Love. Our daily Practice has provided us with more access to the only Prosperity that really matters: Loving Compassion. And our material prosperity has continued to build organically.

Check out my video dedicated to my love of Kundalini in the Inspiration Journal and stay tuned in 2020 when Jimmy and I will begin teaching the practice in person.

Much Love to You!

Intentional Clutch Care Instructions.

Intentional Clutch Care Instructions.