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New Moon in Pisces 2018

New Moon in Pisces 2018

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Hello + Welcome!


I am so excited to share my inspiration for this New Moon in Pisces and our upcoming New Finish: Tourmalinated Quartz!


I have recently become obsessed with Tourmalinated Quartz and I began to notice some interesting connections to what I’ve been experiencing emotionally and spiritually lately. There are no accidents, apparently. The Universe delivers what I seek if I am open to taking a look. Same is true for every Being on the Planet.

Before I go into the stone’s properties, I’d like to share a little context.    

These last few weeks, and really since I got sober nine months ago,  I’ve been working a lot with old trauma coming to the surface. Mostly old ideas I have about myself but want to move past or at the very least quiet and soften. Limiting beliefs. Subconscious fears. Doubt. The false beliefs that keeps every creative person, and I think we are ALL creative people, silent: I’m not good enough. Nothing I say matters. What I have to offer is definitely not important. Etc. Etc. Going on for infinity. Excuses. Self Abuses.

(A visiting Yogi taught a prosperity workshop here in Seattle that Danielle Kurtz attended recently, and he shared this wisdom: Excuses are self abuses. POWER.)

When I’m feeling good my response to those thoughts is: WHAT BULLSHIT! The planet needs the best from me and everyone else! But when I’m not doing so well: You are so right, I’d better just watch Netflix and hide from everything and forget this whole having your own business thing. It’s safer to be silent.

My biggest tool for dealing with this internal dialogue is yoga practice and meditation, followed by a workout, every morning. Some days I don’t get the workout in, but I always-always-always give myself the yoga and the sitting. Uncompromising on that, it’s made all the difference

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My second tool for keeping things in Positive Reality, rather than the “what is” reality, is grabbing whatever essential oil is closest to me. These days my favorite has been Jasmine, it’s calming, beautiful and has great Lunar connection. It’s also a trauma healing powerhouse. Much of my negative inner voice comes from the pain of childhood trauma growing up in a household that hid horrific abuse. Silence was a big theme. Jasmine has been a welcomed soothing balm for the misplaced shame that comes up during my process of healing that part of me and it connects me to the Divine Feminine.

Lately I’m also turning to Copaiba for its ability to aid the physical body with inflammation. I have found that it has been able to help me uproot even the deepest causes of my unconscious beliefs of lack and doubt. It really brings things to the surface for me, which can be quite intense. But it gives me an opportunity to acknowledge the pain and to choose a path toward healing. To choose from love. To become more of who I really am.

I’ve been turning to A Course in Miracles and The Sophia Code in regular rotation. For practical tools for ego taming, I open up A Course in Miracles. When I’m seeking wisdom for finding my inner light, I spend time with The Sophia Code. Both of these texts have been my guides to discovering more about what I believe about my true Self and what we are all here to do on this planet and in these bodies. Based on my reading, it seems to be very much about Love and Fun. Which in my opinion, is the main theme of Abraham-Hicks’ teachings—another one of my favorite inspirations for practical Beingness. Go-Alignment is heavily inspired by the teachings of Abraham-Hicks in both name and philosophy. It’s a regular soundtrack in our studio and home.



While I’ve been digging in to all of this inner work, Tourmalinated Quartz has captured my attention. I had no idea what its energetic healing properties were until after I had already picked some up. I was just drawn to it for what seemed like no reason, but of course was Divine Reason.

It’s fairly common for Black Tourmaline to form with and within Clear Quartz, and when it does it’s energetic healing ability becomes amplified. This stone is associated with healing trauma in past lives and current life experiences. Like Black Tourmaline, it dispels negativity, and often I’ve heard people say Black Tourmaline sends the negativity back to its owner. I choose to frame this as letting negativity flow through, rather than dispelling or sending it back. I no longer find it useful to think that negativity should be completely eliminated or sent back to its owner—in my opinion there is only one owner when I’m noticing negativity, it’s me. No one else. Tough but True. I’m learning to see negativity as my invitation to observe where my ego was triggered and find a way to soothe my need for defense. It’s almost as though trying to eliminate negative thoughts becomes a negative practice for me in it’s denial of those thoughts. They hang around longer. So I’m trying out just allowing them to pass through. Like water over a rock. Water off a duck’s back, you get the idea.

Tourmalinated Quartz also brings the body back into balance, providing energetic equilibrium. As the Equinox approaches, this stone is the perfect energetic helper to get things into harmony to welcome what is to come. It is the last New Moon of the Astrological year, so it feels like a good time to reflect on the last year and let the challenges remain in the past and carry their lessons to create a better now. Tourmalinated Quartz lends itself to this process. Plus it’s just beautiful, you’ll see in our new finish—very soon.

May this New Moon invite you into a deeper understanding of who you are becoming. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, for your support and for the care you take of yourself.

So Much Love,



Co-Founder of Go-Alignment

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